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Quem Mexeu no Meu iPod?


Any Shuffle 102 Songs to Walk Home By Vol. 3


“You tasted it. Isn't that enough? Of what do you ever get more than a taste? That's all we're given in life, that's all we're given of life. A taste. There is no more.”
― Philip Roth, The Dying Animal

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01 Poliça and Stargaze - Music For the Long Emergency
02 Thom Yorke - Skip Divided
03 Tracey Thorn - Air
04 Nmesh - White Lodge
05 Izo FitzRoy - Skyline
06 Shabazz Palaces feat. Loud Eyes Lou - Eel Dreams
07 Kelly Lee Owens - Keep Walking
08 St. Vincent - Smoking Section
09 UNKLE - Sonata
10 Whomadewho - Goodbye to All I Know